Leadership for a successful and sustainable future

By Watson Michael

Leadership is a concept spoken about a great deal these days, but what does leadership mean? Does leadership mean being in a position of authority? Or is there more to it than simple designations?

Leadership is a trait that can be expressed by anyone at any level, be it at school, your workplace, or even at home. Leadership simply means taking charge of your situation and working towards your goals in a timely and effective manner. This will demonstrate to those around you that you are capable and proactive in your work, which will instinctively make people trust you and your abilities. In an organization, identifying your stakeholders, understanding the culture and building a great company philosophy is vital.

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Leadership For a Successful and Sustainable Future

Leadership for a successful and sustainable future

The Importance of Sustainability, Leadership and Language

Leadership and Sustainability for the 21st Century- Ceylon Institute Of English & Leadership

The Ceylon Institute of English & Leadership (CIOEL) is one of Sri Lanka’s largest online English language training institutions. CIOEL specializes in all facets of English Language Training, from basic to advanced, and caters to the needs of undergraduates, working executives, job seekers, athletes, and professionals. The institute also understands the importance of communication in businesses and offers in-house Customer Service Training for organizations that want to improve their customer service.

CIOEL offers multiple courses and qualifications including the ‘Certificate in English’ which entails basic reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and is best suited for students who have completed GCE O-levels and A-levels.

The ‘Business English and Leadership Program’ consists of modules of business communication and leadership that are essential for working executives and those looking to join the workforce. The ‘Leadership and Sustainability Program’ on offer at CIOEL, provides students great insights on leadership, teamwork, sustainability in business and corporate communication. The skills and offer are best suited for working executives, university students and those seeking employment.

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